Your question: Why is breastfeeding in public bad?

Why should breastfeeding not be allowed in public?

For many people and businesses who oppose nursing in public, the primary reason for their concern is decency. They feel that a woman’s breast is a private part of her anatomy and that exposing it in public, even to feed a child, is morally wrong.

Is breastfeeding in public inappropriate?

A Surprising Number of People Still Find Breastfeeding in Public Inappropriate, Survey Reveals. And there are more women than men who are against it. Despite the fact that breastfeeding in public is legal in all 50 states, people still find it offensive.

Is breastfeeding considered indecent exposure?

The law provides that breastfeeding is not a violation of indecent exposure laws. The law also specifies that an employer shall provide reasonable daily unpaid break periods in a place other than a bathroom, as required by the employee, so that the employee may express breast milk for her child in privacy and security.

Is breastfeeding in public deviant?

The first presupposition is that breastfeeding requires justification in terms of health or developmental benefits to the child. … Breastfeeding is not a potentially deviant activity requiring justification.

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Is it illegal to ask a woman to stop breastfeeding?

It is illegal for anyone to ask a breastfeeding woman to leave a public place, such as a cafe, shop or public transport. Plan ahead. Before you go out, it can help to think about where you will feel comfortable breastfeeding when your baby gets hungry. Ask breastfeeding friends for recommendations.

Who supports breastfeeding in public?

The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) is an independent nonprofit coalition of more than 100 influential professional, educational, and governmental organizations that share a common mission to drive collaborative efforts for policy and practices that create a landscape of breastfeeding support across the …

Is it OK to use someone else’s breast milk for your baby?

The AAP does not encourage using informally shared breast milk, citing the risks of spreading disease. It can also expose an infant to medications, alcohol, drugs, or other contaminants.

What does the law say about breastfeeding in public?

Breastfeeding in public is perfectly legal. In fact, it’s protected under the Equality Act 2010 for as long as you wish to breastfeed (there is no age restriction) and covers all public places from parks and leisure facilities, to public transport, shops, restaurants, hotels and cinemas.

Is breastfeeding someone else’s baby a crime?

Answer: No. Absolutely not — even if they have given permission. I cannot believe a mother has posted photos showing her breastfeeding not only her son, but the son of a friend of hers. … Breastfeeding is a very personal act, and it’s about a mother feeding her own child.

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What are the disadvantages of breastfeeding?


  • You may feel discomfort, particularly during the first few days or weeks.
  • There isn’t a way to measure how much your baby is eating.
  • You’ll need to watch your medication use, caffeine, and alcohol intake. Some substances that go into your body are passed to the baby through your milk.
  • Newborns eat frequently.

Why is breastfeeding often considered a deviant act in the US?

1.1 Breastfeeding: a moral minefield

Much like other aspects of women’s reproductive lives, breastfeeding is ‘open for comment’ where women’s decisions, bodies and experiences are subject to scrutiny, intervention and moralising (Stearns 1999, 308).

Why is breastfeeding science so controversial?

But a study published in the August 2018 issue of Social Science & Medicine: Population Health challenges that conventional wisdom, arguing that major papers overestimate the benefits of breastfeeding because they fail to take into account the fact that US mothers who breastfeed tend to be richer and better-educated …