What are bitty babies worth?

Bitty Baby is a 15 inch doll with a soft body and vinyl arms, leg and head. Their hair is painted. New dolls sell for $60. At Girl AGain we have gently uses and cleaned dolls for $20.

What is the rarest American Girl doll?

10 Rarest American Girl Dolls Ever Made

  • Girl of the Year.
  • Original Molly McIntire.
  • Original Kirsten Larson.
  • Original Samantha Parkington.
  • Just Like You #36.
  • Cecile Rey.
  • Marie-Grace Gardner.
  • Caroline Abbott.

Is Bitty Baby discontinued?

In 2015, Bitty Baby dolls no longer came with the book by default, although the book remained available. The plush wishing star was discontinued. … In 2021, a revamp was done to the Bitty Baby line.

What does a Bitty Baby look like?

The doll is 15″ tall, with eyes that open and close. She has a cuddly cloth body, and her head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. Delight your little one with a Bitty Baby to cuddle and love—and treasure for years to come. The doll is 15″ tall, with eyes that open and close.

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What age is American Girl Bitty Baby for?

For young imaginations

Most Bitty Baby items are appropriate for girls starting at 18 months of age to help them take small steps toward a big heart.

How do I know if my American Girl doll is worth money?

What makes an American Girl doll worth a lot of money?

  1. The hair has not been cut.
  2. The face is unmarked.
  3. The eyes are intact.
  4. The doll still has the original, clean clothing.
  5. The doll comes in the original box.
  6. The doll has been retired.
  7. Paperwork is available that includes receipts and information cards.

What is Samantha doll worth?

To get an idea of how much you might be able to cash in on, a quick scroll through eBay shows Samantha dolls going for as much as $3,000 to $7,000. Molly is listed at prices up to $5,000, and Kirsten as high as $2,000. Aside from the signature and original torsos, the value will depend on their condition, of course.

How much did Bitty Twins cost?

Bitty Twins were discontinued by American Girl in 2016. At Girl AGain we sell each twin for $35-$40. Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin have the same body size so they can wear the same outfits (as long as you think that is appropriate!)

What happened to the Bitty Twins?

Launched in 2003 and originally marketed as a boy and girl twin set as a variation on Bitty Baby, they eventually became a moderately separate line available in multiple combinations, while still considered by American Girl to be part of the Bitty Baby line. … The line was retired in 2016.

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When did Bitty Baby get eyebrows?

The first and longest-running non 18 inch doll line is Bitty Baby, a 15 inch baby doll designed for younger girls to play “mommy” with. They released in 1990 as Our New Baby, rereleased in 1995 as Bitty Baby and were redesigned in 2013 to include eyebrows.

Do bitty babies eyes close?

The eyes for 18-inch American Girl® and Bitty Baby® dolls are designed to open and close smoothly and quietly, just like real eyes. These are sometimes called “sleep eyes.” The eyelashes are created separately, curled by hand, then secured to the doll.

How much does a bitty baby weigh?

Product information

Product Dimensions 17.5 x 9.75 x 2.5 inches
Item Weight 1.32 pounds
Best Sellers Rank #681,801 in Toys & Games (See Top 100 in Toys & Games) #30,155 in Dolls & Accessories
Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating 5.0 out of 5 stars

What size clothes do bitty babies wear?

Bitty Baby is a medium size doll which means she is 15 to 16 inches. Visit the medium size doll clothes pages to dress your Bitty Baby doll.

Why does bitty baby have a string?

Adrienne, the neck string is used to secure the head to the doll’s body. Most of our dolls are made this way and the neck string is designed to remain outside of the doll’s body, not tucked in. Manufacturing our dolls in this way allows the head to be easily replaced, if necessary, or make any other repairs.

Did American Girl stop making mini dolls?

BeForever and Historical Mini Dolls (2014-present)

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If a character was not part of the BeForever line, the mini doll was not initially rereleased in a new form. Cécile and Marie-Grace’s mini dolls were retired entirely. New outfits were released for dolls that changed meet outfits and will fit on older dolls.

Does American Girl Do Black Friday sale?

American Girl has Black Friday deals both online and in-store every year! Last year’s deals featured up to 25% off any doll or other purchase, $1 books, and $5 American Girl accessories. So don’t wait.